About Us

Welcome, we have the the oldest established dental practice on the Wirral Penisula. Our friendly, highly skilled team uses the very lastest in dental technologies and actively engages in research to further our profession.

We are available to offer you all suitable treatment modalties, including our special area of interest Dental Implantology.

Our whole practice team is passionate about our service and the treatment we provide. Each of our patients are assigned a specific member of staff that is available to tend to every need, at all stages of the ‘patient journey’.

All of our extremely qualified team, including the nursing staff, teach and mentor fellow professions in our subject. We also lecture nationally and internationally on all aspects of Dental Implantology 

Dr Wright holds repected positions within the field of implantology, including lectureships at Univeristy, and is also a Director of the ICE implant hospital.

We have over 30 years experience in placing and restoring dental implants, and now have a busy referral practice. This has allowed us to develop matiucously, and evidence-based practice protocols that permit us to quote survival and success rates that are well
above national averages.

We pride ourselves in explaining all the options, and then tailoring a treatment plan that is the most appropriate treatment for you. Taking this approach ensures that we have many thousands of happy and grateful patients that have a treatment we are so sure of.