Memberships Plans designed with you in mind

Alongside our normal NHS service we also have a membership plan available designed with you in mind.

This is your personal dental service, with a whole host of benefits and protocols that are specifically designed to ensure that you, your teeth and oral environment are maintained in the excellent health.

Membership Plan

Offering 24/7 peace of mind with UK and worldwide emergency cover, 16% off treatment costs, insurance cover for trauma and redundancy to list but a few of its benefits.

What the scheme allows?

  • 2 Check ups per year.
  • Intra Oral Xrays
  • Up to 4 hygiene appointments per year.
  • Emergency care.

£11.50 per month.

Implant Membership Plan

All the benefits of the Glenside Membership plan, but with the added protection of 15 years guarantee on your implants.

What the scheme allows?

  • 2 Check ups per year.
  • Intra Oral Xrays
  • Up to 4 hygiene appointments per year.
  • Emergency care.
  • Implants are Guaranteed for 15 Years*

£21.23 per month.

Available at:

Available on:

What are the benefits of the Membership Plans?

The maintenance of your oral health is incredibly important. We have established a package that ensures the highest level of care and access, whilst still being excellent value for money.

• Dedicated member of staff and direct dial number:
No need to battle with the receptionist and the ‘engaged tone’. There is a dedicated member of staff and line for Plan patients.
• Welcome Appointment:
Your personal co-ordinator will explain the plan, benefits, and how to ensure your teeth are maintained in an excellent state of health.
• Reduced waiting times:
There is an increased availability of appointments, and so there is no waiting for treatment.
Shortest possible waiting time when you arrive for your appointment.
• Longer appointments:
Each appointment time is longer, allowing more time to discuss your teeth and oral environment.
• Priority is given to membership patients:
For availability, offers on sundries, and appointments.
• Personal On Call Service:
No longer do you have to go to the NHS Out of Hours Emergency Centres, you have access to our own dentists out of hours for relieving pain.
• Text and email service:
If time is an issue, please feel free to text or email our dedicated GlenPlan team.
• Treatment:
6-montly check up, and 3-monthly hygiene appointments are included.
Intra Oral x-rays are included.
In-hours urgent care is included and you are seen the same day*.
NHS equivalent treatment – simple amalgam fillings and standard crowns are provided with similar costs and guarantees are NHS Service if you prefer.
16% reduction from our private fee scales*, to allow you to get the best dentistry available. If you prefer tooth coloured restorations, highly aesthetic restorations and high grade dentures or crowns.
• Sundries:
First priority when we get offers on electronic toothbrushes (e.g Sonicare) and other sundries.
10% of all sundries.
• Updates:
Email updates of hygiene tips, new innovations and any offers we have.
• Oral Health Pack:
6-monthly oral health pack with latest toothpastes, mouth rinses etc for you to try.
• GlenPlan Insurance:
Worldwide emergency cover, trauma insurance, hospital funding, lump sums for cancer and facial scarring.

  • *conditions apply