Our area of expertise is dental implants and this is an area about which all our staff are both passionate and highly trained.

What is a dental Implant?

A dental implant is a small screw made of medical-grade titanium which is inseted into the jawbone which then bonds to the implant surface over 6 to 12 weeks. After the healing period the tooth replacement in the form of a crown, a bridge or a denture is secured to the implant.

Why dental implants?

  • Implants looks, feel and function like a natural tooth
  • The procedure does not require adjacent teeth to be ‘cut back’
  • The implant replaced the tooth root which preserves bone
  • They prevent bone collapse and provide better long term aesthetics
  • Why Glencairn for Implants?

Together we work very closely with your own dentist to provide the high standards of treatment and care that you are used to. Collectively we ensure that all the different treatment options are available to you.

Dental Implant Nurses

At Glencairn Dental Practice you will be assigned a dedicated implant nurse who will commit and reassure that any treatment option is fully explained and that your every need is attended to.

Our implant nurses are always looking to further themselves in regards to training and training others to achieve high expectations that is expected from Glencairn dental practice.

The implant nurses have become keen lecturers, this has involved lecturing at an international congress.

Dental Implant Lectures

At the Association of Dental Implantology congress they carried out a lecture on HTM0105 cross infection in implant dentistry. They received very good feed back, resulting in the ADI asking them to help run the implant nurses course all over the country. They have many courses lined up for next year.

We many years experience in this field of dentistry during which time we have placed many thousands of implants. We lecture extensively inour subject at all levels, from private courses, commercial events and on most of the MSc programmes.

Our research into dental implants has not only been published in professional journals, but has also gained us awards. Due to our expertise and experience we are official mentors to many dentists who place dental implants.

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